Component 4: Radiation and Medical Oncology Updates and Resources

Components of Our Complete Oncology Billing Solution:

As the experts in oncology billing, we understand there are coding changes that could affect your billing practices. RC Billing clients receive a free subscription to the RCCS Client Resource Center (CRC) to help them stay abreast of all relevant coding updates and information. Log into the CRC portal to get coding assistance from our clinical experts comprised of radiation therapists/dosimetrists and stay informed with regular emails about the news that affects your practice. Benefits include:

Online Portal

  • Access to latest news and updates in the industry
  • Answers to your medical and radiation oncology coding, medical record documentation requirements, reimbursement, and compliance questions
  • Access to current LCDs, proposed LCDs, and Commercial Payer Medical Policies
  • Updates from industry experts
  • Downloadable audio presentations regarding the latest medical and radiation oncology billing releases
  • Access to previously recorded and posted Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies webinars, excluding the CROWN® Seminar Series
  • Availability to payer updates, quick access to your specific policies, regulatory alerts, and oncology documentation guidelines

Free Subscription to the RCCS Client Resource Center, Providing Quick Answers to Your Oncology Billing Questions.

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