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RC Billing: The Smart Choice
For Today’s Oncology Practice

As the largest privately held oncology billing company in the U.S., RC Billing understands the pressures that today’s oncology providers are under. Care delivery comes first, but reimbursement is critical to the financial health of the practice; unfortunately it can also be time consuming and costly to provide those services in-house.  The constantly changing rules across numerous payers requires a deep bench to understand and implement the necessary staff education.  By engaging our team of oncology billing specialists, you’ll be able to focus on medical decision-making while we focus on the complexities of billing rules and collection processes.

Founded in 2003 and based in Austin, Texas, RC Billing is the provider of choice for over 350 of the nation’s top medical, radiation and surgical oncology practices.  When it comes to the “business side” of cancer care, you can rest assured you have chosen a team that has made oncology their professional career choice.  While you focus on patients, our experts focus on putting in place a revenue-enhancing billing and collections system that will help streamline your operations while improving profitability where possible.


With oncology-specific clinical backgrounds and years of combined business expertise, the RC Billing team delivers a broad range of services that cover every aspect of medical, radiation and surgical oncology including:

    • Credentialing
    • Contract analysis and negotiation
    • Charge capture review
    • Claims submission
    • Denial & appeal management
    • Collections 
    • Line item posting of receipts
    • Compliance
    • Standard or customized reporting

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is comprised of executives with experience in both the clinical and business aspects of oncology.  We’re sure you will agree that the RC Billing team is well-suited to turning profits for the progressive practice.

Ron DiGiaimo, MBA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

Mitzi Wilson


Catherine DiGiaimo

Director of Finance

Karen Ryker, BA, CHC

Chief Compliance/Client Resource Manager

Patricia "Patti" O'Neill

Director of Reimbursement Services

Trina L. Dillard, RT(R)(T), CMD

Client Resource Manager

Shannon Jordan

Accounts Receivable Manager

Rhonda McCalister

Credentialing/Contracting Supervisor

Kimberley McFarland

Cash Applications Manager

Barbara Paules

Accounts Receivable Manager

Connie Perry

Accounts Receivable Manager

Amanda Robinson

Contracting & Credentialing Manager

Chris Smith

IT Manager/Security Officer