Proton Therapy Billing

RC Billing is your educated choice for proton therapy billing. With advancements in radiation oncology therapies being made daily, you need confidence in your radiation oncology billing to handle the complexities of billing for these innovative treatments. With experience in both the clinical and operational side of oncology billing, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Why choose RC Billing?

RC Billing’s team has experts with over 32 years of experience in coding, compliance, revenue cycle, and operations.  Our team’s proficiency in denial resolution and overturning appeals to all national payers while managing the daily revenue cycle for our clients are seen in your bottom line. 

Proton Therapy Reimbursement

In addition, RC Billing keeps their finger on the pulse of Congressional proton reimbursement. RC Billing’s CEO, Ron DiGiaimo, can often be found in Washington DC lobbying on behalf of proton centers to increase proton delivery codes.

RC Billing has an experienced team comprised of experts in coding, compliance and revenue cycle, with over 32 years of clinical and operational experience.

Daily Billing

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