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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Deciding to outsource your billing is a critical turning point for your practice and we want you to be able to proceed with confidence in that direction. With that goal in mind, we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequent inquiries we receive below. If you don’t see your question here, or need more information on any topic, please reach out to us. We would love to talk with you

Q: We are a hospital who has recently employed a radiation oncologist and medical oncologist. Can you do the billing for both the hospital technical side as well as the professional billing?

A: Yes! Many hospitals turn to RC Billing to fill oncology specific experience gaps amongst their existing resources. Our comprehensive solution covers both the professional entities as well as the technical charges. We’ll ensure that your charges are adequate, not hitting edits, and provide support in working denials as well.

Q: Is there a minimum-size practice or minimum volume of billing that clients must meet to work with RC Billing?

A: Absolutely not – We work with practices of all sizes. We understand that each business is unique, with the correct number of physicians and staff to service its distinctive community. With our deep understanding of oncology and expertise in medical billing, RC Billing will create a customize solution to meet your needs. 

Q: Isn't it risky to switch medical billing companies?

A: Not when you’re dealing with professionals! The long term results matter and we have successfully guides clients through many transitions.  At RC Billing, we know the  entire oncology revenue cycle, start to finish. We know exactly what to expect, what to watch out for and what to do to transfer your accounts quickly and efficiently.  In addition, we will do it all with transparency, integrity and diligence. You can feel secure that things will go smoothly when you partner with the expert team at RC Billing.

Q: What are the financial risks to outsourcing my medical billing?

A: It’s understandable that you have concerns about a company “from the outside” handling your finances. That’s why RC Billing works with you “from the inside.” Far from imposing some cookie-cutter process, we design procedures and reports that will flow with – not interrupt – your current revenue stream. We insist that our billing clients have a lockbox so that all funds are transported either electronically or via paper check directly to the bank. This ensures each client’s monies are safe and secure. We become part of your team, getting to know your staff and training them so they’re comfortable with any new methods or systems.  We conduct regular calls with staff and contacts to update every step along the way to make sure all details are executed flawlessly. 

Q: My current medical billing company is across town. How will you handle my billing if you're not?

A: When it comes to partner billing, our clients have found that it’s more about knowledge base, responsiveness, professionalism, dedication and accommodation than location.  In fact, the majority of RC Billing clients are located outside of Texas.  We are 100% US based and proud of that fact.  We are all about accommodating client needs and have designed a number of options to do that.  Because each client is different, we customize the logistical fit that is right in each case. We’ve had great success with setting up remote access into oncology medical record and/or billing systems that enable us to retrieve coding, as well as medical records, with ease. In addition, there is also the option of an electronic interface between the practices systems and our billing system.

Q: My group practices at numerous locations - some hospital based practices and some freestanding facilities. Can you accommodate these varied locations?

A: Absolutely, in today’s diverse medical and radiation oncology billing market, many practices are offering treatment through separate locations. RC Billing understands the various types of partnerships and scenarios, so the logistics of handling the billing services for different locations are really just a matter of straightforward billing and coding management. We’ve done it for several of the biggest groups in the nation and we can do it for you.

Q: If I choose to outsource my medical billing, will I have access to my billing data?

A: As a client of RC Billing you will have your own private and secure, online resource center where you can access your own medical and radiation oncology billing information, download reports that are done weekly for a snapshot and monthly for comprehensive reporting, as well as  keep current with medical billing industry news – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any computer. Take advantage of creating up to five user accounts, each password protected, for individual physicians, or your office manager or accountant. Reports will be organized by week, month, and archived for 12 months online for maximum convenience.

Q: What extra resources can RC Billing offer me?

A: Keeping up with the latest medical billing industry news is a top priority here at RC Billing. As an added convenience, we channel important information to your private client portal so that you always have the latest industry news at your fingertips. We provide access to medical and radiation oncology business questions and even proposed and current LCD and medical policies relating to medical billing services for specific payors, including Medicare. Also, take advantage of monthly ‘Insider Tips’ from the top oncology experts in the industry, monthly downloadable audio presentation about the latest medical and radiation oncology billing releases and even online access to billing and coding webinars at no cost.

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