Revenue Cycle Inc.

Medical and Radiation Oncology Consulting Services for the Healthcare Professional

Revenue Cycle Inc. (RCI) provides healthcare professionals with knowledgeable business management support so those professionals can be successful at caring for and supporting patients.

As an affiliate of RCI, RC Billing can offer clients broader range of expertise and skill sets than the average medical billing company. With access to RCI's sizeable staff of highly-trained, expert consultants, our clients get much more than just a claim-filing service. RC Billing becomes a partner in helping to build the profitability of your practice.

For RC Billing clients, RCI is able to provide a wide range of consulting services for both radiation and medical oncology.

  • Monthly and/or quarterly on-site interim management agreements
  • Documentation, charge–capture and compliance audits
  • Onsite medical and radiation oncology billing and coding education complete with CEUs
  • Front- and back-end management, providing support and training for the entire revenue cycle
  • Front-office review and assessment
  • Annual question-and-answer support services
  • Financial counseling, training and education
  • Process improvement
  • Expansion projects with financial proformas to justify the addition of new equipment or services, such as prostate seed implants, HDR, CT or IMRT, Infusion suites, PET and more
  • Hospital/Freestanding conversions
  • Electronic medical record transitions

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