Proud to be Recognized Leaders in Medical and Radiation Oncology Billing Services

RC Billing specializes in both medical and radiation oncology billing because our experienced oncology associates understand the field of oncology. With billing and consulting clients nationwide, we see trends in reimbursement that allow us to be proactive rather than reactive and assist our clients in continued positive results. Whether working for an individual physician, a freestanding oncology practice or a hospital, RC Billing understands every aspect of medical and radiation oncology and integrates that knowledge throughout the process.

At RC Billing, we've spent many years building our business, expanding our services, listening to client feedback and perfecting what we do. Through our association with Revenue Cycle Inc., The Oncology Group and Infinity Oncology, and by identifying and promoting best practices in all areas of medical and radiation oncology billing, we offer the most comprehensive oncology coding, billing and collections solutions available in the country.

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