Oncology Training and Internal Procedures

Custom Training, Education and Reviews to Stay Current in Medical and Radiation Oncology Billing Practices

Financial Counseling Training

We are able to offer sessions with experienced financial and management personnel who understand the business of oncology billing and collections. Sessions can be provided individually or in a group setting, onsite or via webinar. Refresher training and/or new employee training is available at no cost beyond expenses.

Coding, Documentation and Compliance Education

To ensure the best possible workflow within your facility or practice, we offer medical and radiation oncology billing, coding and reimbursement education for all clinical personnel. This education can be performed onsite or via webinar.

Management Reviews

RC Billing managers and employees are continually educated on the latest medical and radiation oncology billing issues. Management reviews client accounts on a regular basis as they have the clinical skill base to determine if the medical billing and coding appears appropriate.

Yearly On-Site Reviews

We send a team to your office once a year to review medical and radiation oncology records for complete compliance and appropriate charge-capture.

Training to Fit Your Needs

We can provide extensive training in the charge-capture process to individual physicians, or we can hire and train onsite employees in your central billing office who can take ownership of the charge-capture process from over-scheduled physicians and practice associates.