24/7 - 365 Online

Benefit from 24-Hour Medical Billing Access and Reporting

With RC Billing, clients can take advantage of the full power of interactive medical billing with online technology. You will be set up with your own private, online 'client portal' where you can access your own medical and radiation oncology billing information, download financial reports and keep current with medical billing industry news - all at the click of a mouse.

  • Private access to your weekly and monthly online financial reports (archived for 12 months)
  • Multiple users, all password protected
  • Access to medical and radiation oncology business questions 24/7
  • Access to proposed and current LCD and medical policies relating to medical billing services for specific payors, including Medicare
  • Monthly 'Insider Tips' from the experts in the industry
  • Monthly downloadable audio presentation about the latest medical and radiation oncology billing releases
  • Convenient online access to RC Billing webinars