Data Management and Reporting

Medical Data Management Made Easy with Online Access

Data Entry

Prompt and accurate data entry with options such as remote access and entry or direct interfaces from your EMR platform. Our turnaround goal is 24-48 hours on all data entry.

Submission of Electronic and Paper Claims

Electronic medical claims submission ensures more rapid payment. In an effort to provide you with timely payment, we work directly with your current payors to enroll all applicable payors accepting electronic claim submission.

Line-Item Payment Posting

Line-item posting can quickly identify any inaccurate payments. When an inaccurate payment is found, we offer an expert analysis of specific reimbursement per top revenue CPT® codes and payors. This analysis allows us to determine if there are potential opportunities to work directly with you and the payor to renegotiate payor contracts providing an increase in reimbursement.

Claim Error Identification

Thanks to our customized billing platform, claim errors may be identified immediately for quick correction. Any denials are reviewed daily by a dedicated accounts receivable staff and the client contacted to ensure accuracy. This accuracy and timeliness of error correction ensure cash flow.

Appeal and Timely Follow-Up

Our expert knowledge of the medical billing process and software allows appeals to be handled without hesitation and the client is always fully informed. We ensure all applicable medical necessity and documentation is pertinent to the appeal at hand so that the initial appeal will be paid.

Reports Are Clear, Concise, Accessible

Valuable information is delivered in the most straightforward format possible. Client weekly reports are available each Wednesday evening and monthly financial reports are available by the 10th of every month. All reports are available for your access 24/7 via a secure online client portal. Any custom financial reports are available upon client request.

Patient Statements

Patient statements are processed with an alphabetic split in weekly cycles. This results in a constant payment flow from patient statements throughout the month and ensures patients only receive a statement every 30 days.

Utilization Review Reports

This is where we help you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Potential compliance risks and trends may affect a positive or negative income stream. Our expertise in the utilization of medical billing procedure codes will help ensure proper charge-capture on an ongoing basis.

Internal Documentation Audits

Each year our reimbursement experts will provide an onsite medical record review that entails comparing documentation to charges to ensure the maximum benefit from the charge-capture process and compliance. At this time, suggestions may be made to ensure physician documents contain appropriate orders, medical necessity is clearly indicated, electronic signatures are accurate, etc. We offer a system of checks and balances that not only promotes compliance but also ensures maximization of revenue for each individual client.