RC Billing: The Smart Choice

Providing Dynamic Support for Today's Medical and Radiation Oncology Physicians

In order for today's oncology practice to maximize care for its patients, it must be confident in the care given to its own business management. In the same way that we leave medical decisions to medical professionals, so the complexities of medical and radiation oncology billing and collections should also be left to the medical billing specialists.

RC Billing is the only smart choice for the modern oncologist. Delivering a broad range services that cover every aspect of medical and radiation oncology billing, claims, processing, compliance and more, RC Billing is dedicated to improving the business side of your practice.

  • Delivering both clinical and business expertise, RC Billing understands what happens in a medical and radiation oncology practice and applies that knowledge individually to each client's situation in order to maximize medical billing revenue while remaining compliant.
  • Our executive team at RC Billing is highly respected in the medical and radiation oncology billing industry, often speaking at major events and conferences. Such close affiliations help our staff - and our clients - stay current with new technologies, changing trends and industry-best practices in the overall oncology reimbursement and medical billing and coding arenas.
  • Exemplary client service is standard at RC Billing. Our medical and radiation oncology billing experts become part of your team, working side by side with you and your associates to deliver the overall oncology billing support and training that's needed, day after day.
  • After a thorough investigation of where the problems might be, RC Billing designs a medical billing solution tailored to each client's needs. Regular financial reports detail what's been done and what's being planned, allowing informed decisions about medical coding and billing procedures to be made in a timely manner.
  • RC Billing believes that an informed patient is essential to the operation of a successful practice. To that end, we work with your office staff to ensure that patients are educated regarding insurance coverage, oncology reimbursement and billing services, as well as any financial liability for which they bear responsibility.
  • Just as a medical and radiation oncology physicians offer patients years of education and experience, RC Billing offers years of financial and oncology billing expertise. Unlike other medical billing company's clients, our clients have access to highly-trained medical and radiation oncology billing experts with oncology-specific backgrounds who can understand and help improve your practice.

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“RC Billing clients appreciate that we can knowledgeably address their billing and compliance issues, offer strategic consultation when needed, give advice on important equipment purchases and factually discuss projected ROI values. Our clients’ business concerns are our concerns and delivering solutions is our number one priority.” Ron DiGiaimo, MBA, FACHE
President and CEO, RC Billing