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Due to constant advancement of medical technology and healthcare regulations, oncology billing is a dynamic, fast-changing industry. RC Billing wants to keep clients on the leading edge of what's happening, so we maintain this area of the website as a "clearinghouse" for information about oncology news, local coverage determination, CPT codes, IMRT billing and coding and general oncology billing services. Whether it's a legal change that could affect our industry or just an opportunity to pass along the latest news, you'll find it here.

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I Am Sure You Already Know

If you are reading this, I am sure you already know things like simulations are bundled with IMRT treatment techniques, calculations are billable with 3D treatment planning, calculations are not billable with conventional treatment planning, IGRT is not always billable, etc. Now, if you are reading this and did not know these things you might have missed prior articles, are new to Revenue Cycle Inc. or perhaps a friend or colleague sent this to you.  Regardless of reason, now might be a time to take a hard look at processes in place to ensure this type of important information is not overlooked and to be certain you are billing appropriately for services provided.

How often do you check for industry updates regarding coding and billing? Do you check for the newest Procedure-to-Procedure edits, do you check for CPT and HCPCS updates, Medicare Claims Processing Manual updates and Final Rule publications? Do you know how to locate your Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) to confirm documentation requirements have been met? Unfortunately, previous payments are not an appropriate measuring tool for compliant coding, documentation and billing practices, which is demonstrated by successful post payment reviews conducted by government payers. Just because your organization was paid for services does not mean the services were reported correctly and consequently payment can be recouped upon discovery of errors.  

Revenue Cycle Inc. can assist with ensuring you have the most efficient and most accurate information and processes in place to be certain you are documenting and billing for services appropriately. We, and our family of companies, including Coding Strategies Inc., offer a wide range of resources and services to meet your needs from the most basic to daily coding support. Additionally, if you know someone who might need this type of ongoing information, please do not hesitate to forward this information and get them enrolled in our email distribution so they too can receive up-to-date time sensitive industry news.