Meet Mitzi Wilson

When Mitzi Wilson first joined RC Billing nearly 20 years ago, the company had only 5 clients and less than 10 employees.

“We’ve grown tremendously since then,” she says.

Mitzi, who serves as President of RC Billing and business partner, started her career at American Oncology Resources in 1991 with a large oncology and radiology physician group in Florida. When the company merged with Physicians Reliance Network and became US Oncology, Mitzi met Ron DiGiaimo, RCB CEO, and worked with him there for many years.

Eventually, both Mitzi and Ron left US Oncology, but they stayed in contact.

“The travel associated with the position at US Oncology Monday through Friday weekly over the years became too hard,” Mitzi explains.

Mitzi accepted a position as the Director of Reimbursement for a different third-party billing company located in Tampa, Florida. Ron, however, began the process of starting his own billing company and wanted her to join him.

“I was there for a couple of years, and the whole time, Ron just kept bugging me: ‘Come on, we can do this!’” she recalls. “I kept making a joke about it, saying, ‘I like to have food on my table and a roof over my head!’ Starting a completely new business is kind of scary.”

Ron eventually took the leap to start RC Billing with his wife Catherine and continued his campaign to persuade Mitzi to join him. After a few years, she finally said yes.

Today, RC Billing employs nearly 150 team members and provides billing services to over 300 providers nationally. As the company has grown, Mitzi has never lost sight of the importance of the work they do. She is always mindful of the unfortunate reality of cancer care and the importance of ensuring quality financial care is in place to avoid patients concerns regarding payment for their treatment course(s) throughout their journey.

“I want to help. And I don’t want to cause—or I don’t want my staff to do something that’s going to cause—a patient unnecessary grief and worry, especially during the time of their treatment,” she says. Even though her team never meets patients face-to-face, it is still important to her that everyone on RC Billing’s staff sees each patient as a person and not just another claim number.

It’s RC Billing’s job to set providers and patients up for success. This starts before a patient even begins treatment by ensuring that all clients provide their patients with financial counseling and have upfront discussions about the cost of treatment and what insurance will cover before the treatment plan begins. The goal is to prevent patients from discontinuing treatment early due to unexpected costs.

Mitzi says one of her favorite parts of her job is “identifying issues and trends related to a client’s [accounts receivable] and drilling down to identify root cause, and then being instrumental in resolution to that.” It often takes hard work and dedication to resolve significant issues, especially when they are related to a specific insurance company.

“Sometimes, it’s just one excuse after the next because they don’t want to pay, and it takes a lot of persistence,” Mitzi explains. “Ensuring that you have the right audience at the insurance company is extremely important. It is essential to be in contact with people that can make decisions and ensure that the necessary actions are going to happen.”

Another aspect of the job Mitzi particularly enjoys is onboarding new clients. The process of building relationships with physicians and their leadership teams and working through the intricacies of a successful “go-live” is challenging but incredibly rewarding. Even more than growth, Mitzi’s primary focus is on retaining existing clients by continuously optimizing their revenue cycles in the face of constant change.

The field of oncology billing is anything but static. Insurance companies edit and update their policies on an annual, if not monthly, basis as new treatments and technologies become available. One of the most crucial parts of RC Billing’s role is to stay on top of these changes for its clients to ensure their billing processes remain seamless and efficient.

Apart from ensuring patients across the country have access to quality financial care, Mitzi enjoys making the best of the “Florida lifestyle,” which she describes as laidback, outdoorsy, and friendly. Since moving to Florida several years ago, she’s also forged a tight-knit community with her neighbors.

When she’s not spending time with her friends and neighbors, she can frequently be found on the beach or on her sailboat.