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Whether working for an individual physician, a freestanding oncology practice or a hospital oncology department, RC Billing understands every aspect of medical, radiation, and surgical oncology and integrates that knowledge throughout the medical billing process.  And with our nationwide client base, we are able to see trends in reimbursement that allow us to proactively position you for positive revenue results.

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Customized Oncology Billing Services

The decision to outsource a vital part of your practice – your medical billing and coding – is not to be taken lightly.  You need a long-term partner you can trust to handle the details and unique facets of your company’s processes.  RC Billing specializes exclusively in billing for medical, radiation and surgical oncology services because we believe that in order to deliver superior results to physicians and facilities, we must have a top down, clinical understanding of what services our clients provide. When you entrust your billing services to RC Billing, you can rest easy knowing the details are handled by a trusted team of industry insiders to allow for accurate and timely billing and collections.

How Do We Do It?

RC Billing provides a comprehensive billing solution to ensure that your practice receives consistently correct compensation for services provided.

Daily processing of charges for services rendered featuring: 

    • Direct HL7 interface with your EHR for daily submission of demographics and charges
    • Daily submission of electronic and paper claims
    • Posting payments by line-item which allows us to quickly identify inaccurate reimbursement
    • Scrubbing claims through Alpha II edits prior to submission to payer
    • Close oversight of Accounts Receivable to keep your A/R at or below industry standards
    • Denial and appeals management with confirmation that all applicable medical necessity documentation is provided to assist in speeding up the appeal approval.
    • Monthly processing of patient statements

As a bonus, RC Billing also provides access to the Client Resource Center which provides:

    • Answers to your procedural and coding questions from the experts, available 24/7
    • Access to proposed and current LCD’s per MAC and commercial payer medical policies relating to medical billing
    • Monthly oncology insider tips from experts
    • Monthly downloadable audio presentations about the latest medical and radiation oncology billing releases
    • Online access to RCCS coding, billing, and compliance webinars

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Data Management & Reporting

From charge entry to tracking reimbursement, we provide customized solutions that help boost the efficiency and profitability of hospital-based practices and freestanding facilities. It all starts with your custom, secure, online client portal where you have 24/7 access to reporting packages.

Learn More About Your RC Billing Portal

Your Secure RC Billing Portal Provides Critical Billing Information That is Clear, Concise and Accessible

  • All reports are available for you to access and download 24/7
  • Client weekly reports are available every Wednesday evening and monthly financial
  • Custom financial reports are also available upon client request

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Payer Credentialing and Contracting

For RC Billing clients, we provide payer credentialing and contracting services to help our clients prevail in today’s complex health insurance market. We understand if your other practice demands have not allowed the time to review each payor contract thoroughly or that you may not have reviewed your payor contracts in several years. Leave this to the experts. Our payer credentialing and contracting specialists will help you negotiate reimbursement for your commercial contracts..

Transform Your Payer Credentialing and Contracting

If you’re a new practice we’ll take you through the contracting and credentialing process from the start including:

  • Completion of both payor and hospital credentialing applications 
  • Contract review to make sure everything is accurate and all provided services are included in your contracted rates to ensure your financial success
  • Payor fee negotiation to obtain the highest reimbursement possible with a detailed line item fee analyses for provider/facility approval and execution 

If you’re an existing practice, we can help you ensure that you are getting the most out of your payer contracts by:

  • Reviewing existing contracts and benchmarking against the market
  • Providing detailed line item fee analyses for provider/facility 
  • Review and negotiation of new payer contract prior to execution
  • Completing required re-credentialing, re-appointment and re-validation applications
  • Maintaining provider/facility credentialing documents and tracking renewal dates

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Medical Records Review

At RC Billing, we believe that compliance is the under-pinning of a practice’s financial success. That’s why we provide each of our clients with an annual medical record review. We share those findings and can also offer training relevant to the findings. How do you know that you can rely on our approach to compliance to safeguard your practice?

Review Our Comprehensive Medical Records Review Process

Each year we undergo an extensive audit by an independent third party auditing firm who verifies how our systems, policies and processes address each transaction.  This year, we once again passed with flying colors – no exceptions or findings.  Why does this matter to you?  Well, it means that your practice is in good hands.  It also means that you can trust our commitment to compliance and are indeed, experts in the area.

We apply this same rigorous approach to perfection to helping you achieve your own compliance goals.  Our Compliance Officer is certified in Healthcare Compliance and has helped establish a program that ensures compliance with payor guidelines.  It all starts with the annual on-site or remote medical record review which we provide to each RC Billing Client.  During this audit we’ll conduct a comprehensive three-point evaluation of: documentation, diagnosis coding and procedure coding.  Upon completion we will share findings in a formal report format and follow-up with training as needed.  With RC Billing as your billing partner, you can be confident that you’re implementing the latest payor guidelines correctly and doing your part to ensure timely reimbursement.

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