Expert Radiation and Medical Oncology Billing

Expert Knowledge About Oncology Billing Helps Ensure Compliance

Management of Accounts Receivable

To help ensure that accounts receivable (A/R) will always be kept at or below industry standards, we involve our best minds on a regular basis - top-level medical and radiation oncology billing experts including the company owners. We understand that the accounts receivable is our client's paycheck. While we stay on top of this information, we also encourage our clients to participate in monthly financial calls to discuss the A/R, charges, receipts, etc. It is vital that all parties participate to ensure the health of the practice.

Credentialing and Contract Analysis

Expertise in this area is crucial to any medical or radiation oncology practice and its revenue. Our experience and advice help clients prevail in today's complex health insurance market. We understand that you may not take the time to review each payor contract thoroughly before signing or that you may not have reviewed your payor contracts in several years. Leave this to the experts. Our credentialing and contracting specialists will complete every required step and keep you informed along the way. Some of the many contracting/credentialing services we provide are:

  • Maintenance of all provider and/or facility credentialing
  • Completion of both payor and hospital credentialing and re-credentialing applications
  • Timely follow-up processes to insure payor participation is achieved in a timely manner
  • Payor contracting processing and fee negotiation to obtain the highest reimbursement with detailed line item fee analyses for provider/facility approval and execution

Owner Involvement and Expertise

The owners of RC Billing welcome the opportunity to work closely with clients. Their unique expertise at the corporate business level, along with backgrounds in cancer center development and management, is essential. Their practical, real-world experience in medical and radiation oncology billing and cancer center billing services combined with their medical billing expertise help ensure compliance.